Why Eos Publishing?

Why Eos Publishing?

Eos is the rosy-fingered Goddess of the dawn. She and her siblings Helios (the Sun) and Selene (the Moon) are numbered amongst the second-generation Titan Gods within the Greek pantheon. Eos rises into the sky from the river Okeanos at the start of each day, and with her rays of light dispersed the mists of night. Her life story is one of great love, great sadness, and great adventure. She had many lovers, stood up against Zeus, head of the Olympic Gods, and was cheated by him into receiving immortality without eternal youth. She loved, lost, and eventually swiveled into a grasshopper.

She was also her own hero.

She lived.

Eos was depicted either driving a chariot drawn by winged horses or borne aloft on her own wings. She doesn’t rely on anything or anyone to provide for her–a rarity in ancient Greek mythology.

Through her trials, tribulations, and victories, Eos represents all we look for in both our authors and the stories they write: independence, courage, strength, and a desire to conquer. If you are willing to put yourself out there, to fight for your book, and to sell a lot of copies of it in the process, Eos publishing is for you, and Eos will rush you into the sky!

Nyx and Eos

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