Who We Are

Who We Are

Eos Publishing is an independent publishing house with two missions: to publish the very best in women-fronted fiction, and to make it easy for our authors to do so. Our focus is on stories about women, a term we define as “any character who identifies as such.” Biological gender has nothing to do with that. We welcome stories in any genre, about any sexuality, from anyone, as long as the women are center-stage and kick ass. You can read more about our submission guidelines here.

We offer our authors a means to publish a high-quality, well-marketed, perfectly edited book with a professionally made cover, and attractive inlay. We’re a traditional publishing house and we work with a three-step process, which you can read about here.

Eos works with the best freelance professionals in the business to guarantee your book gets the treatment it deserves.

Meet our partners


May Dawney Designs

Cover Design

May Dawney has been a graphic artist for over a decade, working mostly in corporate advertisement. She has worked with all manner of companies, from mom-and-pop stores to multinational IT giants. She moved out of graphic design to persue more creative avenues of art and now works as a full-time cover designer for publishing houses and indies alike.

Penmanship Editing