The Kincaid Chronicles: Origins

The Kincaid Chronicles: Origins

Coming September 2018, The Kincaid Chronicles: Origins is the first in a Young Adult supernatural series of three novels by May Dawney, published by Eos Publishing. Pre-sales start July 2018.

Joan of Arc may have been okay with dreaming about old Saints and being stalked by angels but Rayhana Kincaid is too busy trying to please her Pakistani mother, crushing hard on the new girl in school, and managing the romantic expectations of her best friend Dale to deal with any of it.

Rayha would rather drown all angel business out with drugs and alcohol, but her experiences are divine measures to prepare her for a biblical war that has been raging for centuries, and the angel that has claimed her service will go to any length to get what he wants.

Can Rayha dodge a fate similar to Joan’s, or will she become another in a long line of martyrs for the cause?


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