How We Work

How We Work

Eos Publishing follows a tried-and-tested method of pre-sale funding that is entirely transparent to all our (aspiring) authors. By selling e-book versions of your book, you fund the process of making it. Once all costs are covered, the rest of the profit goes to you. Our formula is four-fold:

Before we kick off the pre-sale IndieGoGo campaign, you’ll be assigned an editor who will polish your work with you. You will always be in control. Together, you will prepare the first three chapters for your potential audience’s reading pleasure. They will know exactly what they are buying that way. We will also make the cover of your book before the pre-sale starts, so readers will have even more to get excited about! Once you’ve reached the two-third funding mark, we’re going to start editing the remainder of your book.

By selling your to-be-published book during a forty day flexible IndieGoGo campaign, you can fund the publishing process. We ask you to crowdfund $ 250 for every 10,000 words in your manuscript. You are free to invest your own money in order to lower the crowd funding amount at any time during the campaign. To see where the money goes, go here.

Once you reach your goal, we’ll wrap up the editing and it’s off to a slew of stores! We make sure your book ends up on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo,, the iBook store, and many more. Here is an overview of all venues your print book will be made available at, and here is an overview of the venues that will carry the e-book version. We also publish your book if you don’t hit your goal. Whatever remains, we’ll chip away at out of the sales of the book.

Once the publishing cost goal is paid in full, all further profits go to you, except for $0.25 cents out of every sale you make, be it an e-book or a print version. We use this to fund our marketing for your book and pay the administrative costs to manage your payments with it. You’ll get a pay-out every month, along with an overview of your sales.