Serena J. Bishop – Miracles

Serena J. Bishop – Miracles

Believe the impossible.

Meeting in their dreams was only the beginning—Aurora’s and Leela’s extraordinary tale continues…
After three years together, Aurora and Leela have settled into a cozy life. The only complaint is their lack of quality time together. When the opportunity arises for a trip to paradise, they can’t turn it down. A week of romance among Hawaii’s natural wonders is exactly what they need to reconnect. When they return home, their relationship is the strongest and most stress-free it’s ever been.

Then, Aurora learns she’s pregnant.

There was no infidelity. There was no assault. There’s no logical expla-nation for the conception, but the pregnancy is undeniable. And it feels right to Aurora.

Aurora and Leela debate whether a scientific or spiritual reason is the cause, but the mystery takes a backseat as maternal instincts take over. Aurora’s connection ranges from the ordinary to psychic, but her expe-riences are nothing compared to Leela’s. A new, primal voice from within directs her to do whatever is necessary to protect their child.

Can they keep the cause of the pregnancy and the psychic connection to their child a secret? Can they come to terms with the uniqueness of their child and the circumstances around her conception? And can they accept the grandest miracle of them all?

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