Serena J. Bishop – Milestones: A Path From ‘Dreams’ to ‘Miracles’

Serena J. Bishop – Milestones: A Path From ‘Dreams’ to ‘Miracles’

This romantic short story bundle contains three humorous and heart-felt relationship tales that occur after the events of the novel Dreams, and before the events of the novel Miracles.

Rocky Start:
Aurora and Leela go through a series of awkward, inconvenient, and sometimes painful incidents during their first date.

Fancy Pasta:
Leela wants Aurora. Aurora wants Leela. An intimate dinner at Leela’s home leads both to get what they want…even if they never get to eat the pasta.

Meet the Makers:
After almost a year together, Leela and Aurora have an argument because Leela seemingly does not want to meet Aurora’s parents. After their friends intervene, the couple shares their fears, expectations, and thoughts about what kind of future they might have together.

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